I finally managed to finish my website. At least for now. I feel quite proud with it, since it is the very first time that I spent some time on it and I really work hard to make it happen. It’s no completely finished, but I wanted to put it online to share it with everyone, to gather comments and know what people think about it.

I’m currently using WordPress as a CMS and what I did was to create a brand new theme for it from scratch. I started with Bootstrap, in this way I was able to have a responsive website in just few steps.

I then followed this tutorial to create a responsive theme for WordPress with Bootstrap.

After that the hard part was to give this website a style. I’m not a designer so this has been a real challenge. I went for a flat design since this seems to be the trend nowadays and this is the final result. I will keep changing and modifying it, but I wanted to have it real and clear right at the beginning of the new year!

For those interested, you can find the source code for this website on my Github. Feel free to have a look, download and modify it how you like it! =)

Happy New Year!