Lorenzo Mori

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I’m a software engineer with 6 years of experience in the game industry. During my career I have mostly worked with .Net/C# language using the Unity3D engine. This past few years I’ve used Java to build the online infrastructure of Motorsport Manager Online. I’m always eager to learn, listen, understand, solve and create. I enjoy working as part of a team to achieve a common goal. I am constantly striving to learn new technologies and to improve my skills.

Working Experience

November 2015 – Current
Playsport Games

  • Motorsport Manager Online – Currently working as a Backend Engineer to build the online server infrastructure to host multiplayer games. I use mainly Java and C# and our servers are hosted on Microsoft Azure Service Fabric. My work also involves writing tools in .NET for testing our server infrastructure, administration of our servers and deployment of online services with Jenkins.
  • I extensively worked with the Unity3D game engine to build and release Motorsport Manager on Steam, Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 and Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 for iOS and Android. I worked closely with designers, artists and developers to deliver the best experience. I used Unity3D for a lot of different fields of games development such as Systems and Tools programming, UI and Gameplay.
  • I was responsible for implementing our Steam Workshop integration for Motorsport Manager PC using the Steamworks API and Unity asset pipeline. I designed our modding solution which helps modders publish new databases, 3D models, textures for our game.
  • Responsible for the implementation of gameplay features such as the Tutorial system tool, the “Pit Crew” update and the Personality Traits system for Motorsport Manager PC.
  • Worked on iCloud saving and in-app purchases for Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 in iOS. Use of Ultimate Mobile plugin.

May 2013 – November 2015
Supermassive Games

  • I started at Supermassive Games with an internship. My hard work and meticulous attitude helped me to be offered a permanent position as a Programmer. I worked mostly with Unity 3D engine and C#.
  • I worked closely with our server engineer to develop a client-side solution to allow us to save the player’s progress. I worked on transitioning our systems from JSON to Google’s Protocol buffer in order to have a flexible and efficient way to serialize structured data. The game also featured  asynchronous multiplayer, for which I was responsible for tracking a player’s actions during their play session in order for it to be validated by the server. The system needed to be expandable and easily maintainable because of its action-based nature.
  • We developed two free to play titles for iOS market, both soft launched in Canada.

January 2010 – February 2010
Delo.SoVim. s.p.a
Database Employee

  • Data Entry Job in the database company in the field of Administrative and Support service activities. I worked as part of a team in order to keep track of all the company records of 2009


Goldsmiths, University of London (2012 – 2013)
MSc in Computer Games and Entertainment
Final mark 80/100 – Modules Studied: Programming for Computer Games, Maths and Graphics for Computer Games, Tools and Middleware for Games, AI and Animation, Creative Coding.

University of Pisa in collaboration with Scuola Superiore S.Anna (2011 – 2012)
Computer Science and Networking
I joined this limited number course and studied modules including principles of parallel programming, computer architecture, networking protocols (ISO/OSI, TCP/IP), probability and stochastic processes.

University of Florence (2007 – 2010)
Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science
Final Mark 101/110  Modules include: Maths, Algebra, Analysis and Calculus (26/30 on average of all the courses), Basics of Physics (24/30), Programming (25/30 on average of all the courses), Networking (30/30), Computational Geometry (30 cum laude), Database principles (29/30).

Scientific High School of Florence (2002 – 2006)
Final Mark 80/100 – modules studied include different aspects of general culture and studies such as Maths, Physics, Biology, Science, without neglecting humanistic courses like Italian and Foreign Literature, Latin, History, History of Art, Philosophy and English Language.


  • High proficiency with Unity 3D engine and C#. 
  • Java, Spring Framework, Redis, Jenkins, TCP/IP stack, MySQL, Microsoft Azure Service Fabric.
  • Proficiency in C++ and Maths, Analysis and Linear Algebra.
  • Agile software development and Scrum, experience with Trello.
  • Great communication skills and friendly attitude, open-minded and open to discussion.
  • Very adaptable programmer, with strong problem-solving attitude and quick learner.
  • Always interested in learning new programming languages. 
  • Basic knowledge of php, which I used to create my own WordPress theme using the Bootstrap framework.

Other projects

  • I worked on a variety of different projects at University including:
    • Research and implementation of a data driven game engine in OpenGL ES 2.0 and C++. I implemented the sound system with FMOD and LUA scripting language.
    • Implemented a wave simulator with sine waves functions. Used DirectX 11 to create my own framework and worked with shaders to simulate light reflections on water (phong effect).
    • Developed a 2D game with procedurally generated mazes in OpenGL and collision system. Later the maze generator algorithm was expanded to generate 3D mazes to be used in a game for iOS.
    • Other work involved Perlin Noise and Geospheres to procedurally generate planets and 3D meshes,  L-Systems to simulate realistic plants growing, Box2D and OpenAL.
    • Marching Cubes algorithm for the C++ framework of the University of Florence.


  • I actively research programming topics and follow up with articles on my personal blog.
  • I love videogames, board games, and books. Some people might call me a geek. 
  • I’ve always been into music and playing my guitar.
  • I enjoy learning foreign languages. I have the TOEFL certificate in English (Final Grade 101/120). I can speak basic German and have the A2 certificate from the Deutsch Institute of Florence.

Download CV in PDF