This was my first work for my MSc in Computer Games & Entertainment at Goldsmith.

The project is a simple game in which the player must move a square through the maze in order to reach the goal at the end of the Labyrinth.

The gameplay is based on the ability of the player to balance the accelerations given to the square. The player applies a force to the square and do not simply move it, so the square will accelerate, decelerate and stop.

Whenever the square touches the walls of the labyrinth, it bounces away and the player loses one life.

When the square reaches the end of the maze, the player gains two lifes. Then a new maze is generated and the player can go on the new level.

The main peculiarity of this project is the procedurally random generated maze. Every level is generated on the fly using a specific algorithm to visit every cell of the maze and drop down the walls between each other.

The game in implemented in C++ using OpenGL.

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