Planet Generator

In this group project (2 people) we tried to implement a 3D planet generator based on Perlin Noise.

Our planet generator allows the user to create procedurally random generated planets. These planets are characterized with mountains, valleys and different kind of slopes and shapes. In this way, adding texturing and shading, it is possible to achieve a good visual impact and result.

The main idea behind the project is to apply a Perlin Noise to a sphere and try to generate simple shapes that remind planets and landscapes, like mountains and valleys.

To reach our goal we decided to split the generation of planets into two main parts:

  • Generate a geosphere based on how much “quality” we want to approximate the shape of a sphere
  • Generate a 3D Perlin Noise and apply it to the vertices of the sphere.

The execution of this procedure achieves results that look like planets.

The implementation is been done using DirectX 9.

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